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 Next Residential Program (L2L)
March 26-31 (TBC)


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The Valhalla Project Niagara is a non profit charity for veterans and first responders with PTSD. 

Our flagship program is the Learn to Live program which is a 5 day residential respite program. 


The program generally has between 12 to 15 participants. 

Residential programs run from Sunday to Friday.

Participants come and stay with us for five days at the

Cave Springs Camp in the Niagara region.

All meals and accommodation are provided.

Our  2023 residential cohorts are: (subject to change and confirmation)

March 26-31

April  (TBC)

May 7-12

Jun 11-16

Sept 10-15

Oct 15-20


The program explores areas such as support network management, suicide prevention, basic education, various coping skills , lifestyle management, medications, addictions, therapies available, including the therapist code of conduct.  Support network management teaches participants how to communicate in a stigma free way. It also encourages real-time checkins and identifying current state of arousal.  Basic education demonstrates how to be aware of how ptsd manifests in the body and how it affects your ability to function. By knowing this we can take active steps to ensure the symptoms do not prevail.   


The segment on medications explains the various pharmaceuticals' intended uses and side effects.   Further,  cannabis is also explained, demystified , and destigmatized.  Participants are able to have a more learned conversation with their health care provider. 

The subject of addictions is explored.   The various programs and modes are explained  12 step vs harm reduction.  Various coping skills are demonstrated throughout. participants can utilize and the new skills

which seem to work for them into their routine. 

Alcohol is not consumed in a social manner on this program.   We are NOT an addictions/substance abuse  program.

  We  have a variety of speakers on the above topics.  There is NO trauma processing during our sessions.  This is NOT group therapy.  This program is meant to go along with your current, in place, therapy. we are not replacing your therapist.


Participants in the cohort will also be exposed to various positive physical activities that they may find helpful.   These activities can include, but are not limited to , yoga, equine exposure, animal farm visit , stained glass,  archery, bees, music, arts, and  martial arts. The key goal of this program is to have the basic management tools in place to control PTSD and prevent suicide in our affected members. The costs for this program have been covered by third party donations and there is no charge to attend.   There are NO barriers to treatment. 


Beyond the Learn to Live (L2L) program we provide strong peer support to our members in the form of positive social activities.  Our programs instill hope  and a practical, informed  method to MANAGE their PTSD on a daily basis and improve their quality of life.  


Room assignments are double occupancy / same gender


Intakes criteria for acceptance:

-Diagnosed PTSD or strong symptoms

-Veteran /CF/Paramedics/Fire/Police/Medical/Corrections/CBSA 

-Current Therapist approval

Working from Home
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L2L ONLINE  - The educational and communication components , as well as some of the activities, have been adapted to an online format consisting of 10 x 3 hour live sessions. Programs currently run with the sessions being Mondays and Thursdays.  We are expecting to run another program in the Winter 2022/2023.  Anticipated dates are to be confirmed .  Times generally 10-1 .  The sessions are scheduled for 3 hours but generally run 2 1/2 , with a chat afterwards.  Subject matter experts (all with PTSD) are brought in as guest presenters.

We have just completed an online program in February 2023.  Next 

Next online cohort due to demand

     Criteria For The Program

               -Veteran, or first responder (includes all medical professionals, corrections and CBSA)

               -Diagnosed with PTSD from your service 

               -Therapist must be aware of attendance

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